Privacy Policy for babblevoice


By subscribing to babblevoice Services you are agreeing to the following privacy policy

We handle high volumes of phone calls on behalf of our customers. In order to do this we store and transmit data on your behalf.

From a privacy perspective, you are the controller of data we hold, and babblevoice is a processor. This means that whilst you subscribe to our services, you retain ownership of and control over any data in your account.

Babblevoice uses subprocessors. These are external companies to whom we subcontract out certain functions to. Currently, this is limited to

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Zendesk
  • Nutshell
  • Google

Please be aware that we and your reseller (if you have one) will have access to your account with us and any data in that account for the purposes of managing your account and providing you with updates regarding babblevoice.

Babblevoice stores 5 types of data

  • Configuration data which does not contain any personal information
  • Fully anonymised statistical data which does not contain any personal information
  • Phone call records which include phone numbers which may be used in conjunction with other data to identify an individual
  • Call recordings and voicemail which potentially contain personal information
  • Contact information (email, phone, business contact details) we treat this information as personal information

How do we use personal data

We do not sell or give any data to any 3rd parties (except those listed as sub contracted sub processors for the specific purposes they are contracted to perform). We do not store credit card details.

Call recordings, call records

The processing we perform is recording, speech to text and storing. If an issue is raised regarding specific phone calls, then our staff may ask permission from you, the customer, to access relevant data to help in the diagnosis of any potential issue.

Each time a call recording is accessed we maintain a record of that user accessing that record. When we listen to a recording this is with your permission which we record in our case management system (Zendesk).

We currently do not support data erasure but are working towards implementing this.

Contact information

We use contact information to contact our customers (or potential customers) who have agreed to engage in a conversation (whether it be sales or support). We send out regular newsletters updating customers on our service.

How do we transmit data

Actual telephone calls (like all telephone calls over the Public Switched Telephone Network) are insecure. However, when we record data (such as phone call recordings or call records) they are transmitted using SSL to encrypt the transmission.

You can access this data via Vibes (or any other mechanism we provide) we again encrypt this data via SSL (HTTPS in a browser).

Where is the data stored

All data is stored in Amazon EC2/S3 storage in the EU region Dublin, Ireland or the UK.


As part of our internal assessments we have no requirements to perform a DPIA. We have checked our services against the DPIA screening checklist and further documentation can be found in the NHS Data Protection and Security Toolkit.

The processing babblevoice performs is the storing of call recordings. We do not systematically monitor it, use innovative technology, track it on a large scale or carry out/use any sort of profiling.

Our customers may need to complete this process independently against their own requirements as they may perform further processing on this data which contains personal information.


Our web site uses Cookies. They serve 2 purposes.

  1. To manage authentication, when you log into any of our services we uses Cookies to track you as a user
  2. To see how our users are using our web site for the purpose of improving our web site

We do not pass information off to any other service or involve ourselves in advertising in anyway.


As part of our work with NHS organisations, babblevoice is registered and up to date with the IG toolkit.

To discuss any data issues please contact us.

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