Latest updates to babblevoice Desktop

Sep 20, 2018  

Every so often I get the chance to sit in front of users who try and click their way around my software. It is only then do I realise the amount of pain I have inflicted upon my users! (Of course this was never my intention). As part of my research I have come up with some nice tweaks which hopefully will help with making our users working lives just a little bit easier. Read more.

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Your Google Account

Sep 12, 2018  

So this comes up every so often. “Why do you use Google to log in?”, “What data do you send to them” and “Why can’t you just use a normal user name and password like everyone else”. Data Just by logging in via Google, we do not send them any data out of babblevoice. Think of Google as the passport service to babblevoice. You identify yourself to Google (using an email address and password) and Google says to us ‘yes - that’s Bob’. Read more.

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What the blip is automation?

Sep 11, 2018  

How many times have you called a company and before you can get through to speak with someone, you have to enter your account details, go through a long list of options only to get through to an agent who doesn’t know who you are or anything about the options you selected on the way in. Telephony integration is tricky. TAPI was introduced by Intel and Microsoft in 1993 but never gained much traction (most phone system manufacturers implemented their bit but most contact software vendors did not - in fact Microsoft themselves did quite a poor job in Outlook). Read more.

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babblevoice copy on call connect

May 2, 2018  

Sometimes the simpler ideas are the good ones. We have been asked a few times now, how do I update my records (patient with a new phone number, for example) when it doesn’t screen pop the patient. The new number isn’t in your system (EMIS) so babblevoice Desktop cannot look up your caller. With the best will in the world you now have to look up the patients details. Now, when you find the correct patient, edit their details, simply ctrl-v in the phone number field as we automatically copy the caller id from the phone call you just took. Read more.

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Rolling Upgrades

Apr 24, 2018  

Introduction You may have noticed Polycom, our preferred phone manufacturer, has discontinued the original model (SoundPoint) with a new one (VVX). It seems like a good time to discuss upgrading users of SoundPoint phones as well as a good strategy to replace phones. Gone are the days when you purchased your phones and phone system together. Take out a large lease plan to pay for it all etc. Now the only items you need to own are the phones on your desk - and these have become almost a throw away item. Read more.

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Vibes Printing

Apr 20, 2018  

If you have tried to print for babblevibes you may have not had much success. This is because it was originally designed for wall board use. But we had a few requests to make it printable. We have just released an update which makes it printable. So if you tried in the past and failed, if you try again now you should be good to go. Read more.


Polycom Upgrade imminent

Apr 9, 2018  

Important - please read If you are a user of a Polycom phone (and a lot of babblevoice users are) then this will be important to you. This only effects users of the newer VVX range of phones. Older Polycom phones (SoundPoint) will not receive this update - and we would highly recommend you review upgrading to VVX phones to ensure continuing trouble free communications. Implementing a rolling upgrade plan is often an affordable way to stay up to date with equipment in your office - but this is another subject. Read more.


Polycom DND and Forward

Mar 21, 2018  

Introduction We have just taken the decision to disable 2 features by default on Polycom phones. This is because we are seeing a high rate of tickets raised on our helpdesk where the root cause of the problem is one of these features has been enabled by a user. The problem is it upsets call flows, callers calls silently sit in queues with no phone ringing or Polycom phones attempt to forward calls in queues somewhere else - which queues refuse to do - so the calls just get stuck unable to be answered. Read more.

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Goodbye Heather, Hello Brian

Jan 25, 2018  

Heather has been with babblevoice for around 5 years now - you might consider her to be a long standing employee. But, whilst we are getting rid of her, we won’t need to pay redundancy, or pension or any other goodwill payments. Why? Because Heather is our Scottish Text to Speech Engine. She has done well for us. A few clients having a chuckle at her expense as she fluffed up a few words here and there. Read more.

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EMIS IVR a collection of new features

Jan 24, 2018  

Over the last year we have received quite a few requests on updates to our EMIS integration. We have released these updates bit by bit, so it is probably overdue that we wrote a blog post itemising the most interesting. EMIS Max appointments When a caller calls in through to the automated appointment booking, when they select the option to book a new appointment it can now check how many current appointments they have already. Read more.

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